Great Ways to Use Essential Oils Effectively

Storage: Keep your essential oils in a cool, dark place.

For direct use on skin, a carrier oil is recommended to dilute the potency of the essential oils.

Air and water diffusers are primary ways to effectively use essential oils. Place some PlagueMeNot in a diffuser and sleep well.

Stuffy nose: Order some of our PlagueMeNot and place in a diffuser to help a child sleep better. Just a few drops—never overdo it. Some use a cotton ball and place a few drops on the cotton ball and clip on the pajama top so the vapors can be inhaled throughout the night. Obviously this would not be recommended for a baby, as they may rub the cotton ball and then their eyes. So again, wisdom in all things.

Some people say [we are not recommending one way or the other] that a drop or two of PlagueMeNot on the soles of your feet (then rub your feet together) works wonders with a cold or flu bug. Always test carefully and be very cautious, especially on children (just because it doesn’t bother your feet doesn’t mean it might not bother someone else’s feet).

Some place a drop on their tongue at the first sign of a sore throat. However, internal use of any essential oil should only be done with qualified professional advice.

Add a drop or two to the dishwasher to help clean and eliminate accumulating odors.
Add a couple of drops to your shoes to keep your feet feeling fresh all day!
Keep out of the reach of children.

Read our Precautions page here…

We, of course, make no claims, warranties, or promises with regard to the effectiveness of our products in treating illnesses. However, we also cannot deny the fact that Nature provides incredible healing opportunities.
Be smart, prudent, and wise. Enjoy the benefits of extra health protection.