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“PlagueMeNot is one of my favorite oils! I use it for so many different things and I absolutely love the smell! Its warm and welcoming to diffuse and anti-viral for topical and internal use! I’ve found it to be great used as a throat soother as well in the winter months when colds and sore throats are more evident! It’s one of my top oils in my regimen.” JH, Fredericksburg, Texas exceptional and powerful alternative to Thieves” -AK, Big Sandy, Texas

My teenage daughter was feeling ill. She used PlagueMeNot in the diffuser for her afternoon studies at home and she felt well and strong by the end of the afternoon. -RV, Bullard, Texas

“…I have used Thieves, but this is wonderful!”  DS, Decatur, Texas

“I have been using PlagueMeNot for a couple weeks now. I used to use thieves, but I like the added ingredients in PlagueMeNot. I’ve used it for disinfecting all different kinds of things. I would recommend PlagueMeNot as a tremendously good natural oil mixture to add to soaps, cleaning agents, laundry detergents, dish soap and even taking a little bit under your tongue to disinfect your mouth from any germs — Especially when you are dealing with sick children. It is good for so many things. I use it all the time!” FL, Akron, Ohio

“…I love the fact that it’s organic and wildcrafted only.” DW, Bowie, Texas

I had a sore throat and felt like a flu bug was coming on. I know some say don’t take internally, but I placed a drop or two on my tongue, and yikes! My throat felt so much nicer and calmer in just a few minutes. Every time I felt a sore throat would come back I would place another drop on my drop and swish with a touch of water and my throat would feel ok again. After a couple of hours and about three applications, my sore throat went away. It has been a week now and no sore throat and I feel great.    JOS, Gladewater, Texas.

Our little two-year old had what appeared to be a sore throat and a runny nose and a sad, but a loud, ear-piercing cry. We placed a couple of drops in the diffuser before night-time. She slept peacefully the whole night long. It was the nine year who woke me up at 3am. JWS, Big Sandy, Texas.

Our family came down with an upper respiratory bug in March 2020. It wasn’t a cold and it certainly was not a flu. We used PlageueMeNot in the children’s rooms and throughout the house. Within 48 hours we no longer had any problems: lungs in both parents and children were all clear and breathing like new. We could breathe clearly and have had no recurring issues since. PlagueMeNot is better than sliced bread!   jos, Big Sandy, Texas

My wife bought a used piece of furniture that smelled like cigarette smoke. We used PlagueMeNot in a diffuser in the room and it destroyed the stench in a day. Very nice! WS, Tyler, Texas

Better than Thieves and way more affordable! Anytime I’m feeling sick PlagueMeNot gets me back on my feet. -Jonathan Lewis