We chose the name EOarmor.com to represent Essential Oils armor. Since our children are routinely outside being children, armor seemed appropriate. Every little child needs armor to protect himself from snakes, tree falls, bicycles that won’t stop on a dime, trips, jumps, leaps and all the wonderful things they discover that they can accomplish — or at least try to accomplish.

Essential oils are powerful pieces of armor that we can use to help protect against the onslaught of colds, flu, microbes, etc. We thought the concept of armor and shields would fit well, so that is how the name EOarmor.com came to be.

You can also see that our branding is a SHIELD. For different products that we develop, we plan to adjust the coloring of the shield to represent different kinds of essential oils.

We live in East Texas near Tyler and Longview. We enjoy wonderful examples of the beauty and power of nature right over our heads. While we are not on the coast, we still routinely enjoy spectacular shows during Texas storms and we have gorgeous sunsets, and yes, the stars really do shine brightly.

It is hot and humid in the summer, with winter typically being mostly enjoyable. Snow shows up maybe one or twice every other year or so. Our falls and springs are most excellent for campfires. We love our crimson clover patch (and the honey bees), which expands a bit more each spring.

We started this home-based business to do three primary things:

1. Make custom essential oil recipes designed to promote good health and ward off germs. We all need extra armor to stay healthy and strong so we plan to offer products that help promote health and vitality. 

2. Help our children learn what it takes to run a small business. They help with measuring, ordering, labeling, packaging, verifying products, mailing, shipping, etc. From the beginning of the process to the end, we want to teach them how things get done in the real world. We believe in hands-on training. Theory is great, but until we actually do what we have learned, we may not completely understand how it really works. 

3. Help support OurRescue.org in recovering children caught in the evil sex trafficking trade that is rampant. A percentage of all sales goes toward this mission to rescue children.


We are a family of ten with a german shepherd, a guinea pig, a bearded dragon lizard and a guppy.

The EOarmor.com family financially supports the rescuing of little children from the sex trafficking trade.

Our children range from teens to toddlers and they help out a lot. The younger ones help with little things that little people can do, like placing labels on bottles, checking proper levels, etc. We enjoy our family time doing these things, and we love the aroma of those organic essential oils.

We will place some photos here of our work together very soon. Some may be a bit obscure, but as parents, we do not want to place too many photos of our children online. But we hope to provide some funny photos showing them at play and at work serving up great health products.

Our children are 100% organic and sometimes seem a bit wildcrafted too. Yes, son, that is organic, but not what we are looking for at this time. However, perhaps it would make a nice mud pack. 

       Let’s do what beavers do: Come on, brother, let’s build a dam in the creek…and so they did

When you have trees, they are meant to be climbed. There is at least one monkey in there somewhere.

We always try to give it our best shot When digging, do it with all your might!

After a long day of searching for and packaging the best organic and wildcrafted essential oils, one might as well test a couple of drops of one in the bubbles!

We hope you have enjoyed a short tour. We are committed to raising a respectful and loving family that will be pleasing to our Creator and make a positive contribution to society. We are so blessed to live in this great country. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you and have a blessed day. 🙂